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Do it scared...

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If you're feeling called to walk through a door right now that feels scary, let this be your sign to walk through it scared, but with the assurance that God is with you.

Faith is not the absence of fear.

If you're waiting for it not to feel scary to take action, you may be waiting forever... because stepping into a new season, a new level, or a new opportunity will always feel scary. But the fear and imposter syndrome you feel comes from you trying to measure your ability to handle things by your own strength, your own intelligence, your own creativity, your own everything.... instead of relying on God.

You can do all things you put your mind to, but it's through Christ who gives you strength (Philippians 4:13).

If it was only up to what you can do, you would fall short every single time. Stop talking yourself out of walking through the doors God has opened for you. You're not walking in there alone, God is with you. Accept your flaws, accept your weaknesses, and accept the areas in which you fall short... because it is in your weakness that God's glory is magnified.

If you need some extra encouragement as you walk out the things you have been called to, I highly recommend you read "When God Says Go" by Elizabeth Laing Thompson.

She uses examples from people in the Bible who were called to do scary things and did them -- even though they were scared -- to encourage you in your own season of taking leaps of faith. You can get it from Amazon here.

Rooting for you always,



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