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How To Crush Your 2022 Goals

With the first quarter of 2022 coming to a close, you may be looking back and feeling like things are not moving in the direction you want them to, or that you haven't gotten further on your road to achieving your 2022 goals.

I encourage you to take inventory of the things that you did accomplish because sometimes, we are so focused on where we're trying to go that we overlook the strides that we're making.

As you take inventory of the things you did accomplish, also take inventory of any obstacle you faced on your way to working on your goals.

You may have started the first couple weeks of January enthusiastic and motivated to crush your goals and then...something happened that stalled you.

Was it life just lifing?

Was it you not having a clear plan and going with the flow?

Was it a loss of motivation?

What happened that stalled you on your way to achieving the goals that you set for yourself?

It's important to pay attention and pinpoint what tends to make you stop so you can create a plan to tackle that.

So now that we've gotten the preliminary things out of the way let's get into the nitty gritty: How To Crush Your 2022 goals?

1. Seek God for His Vision for Your Year

I know... you have your goals and you just kinda want to focus on those.

And you absolutely can.

I just want you to be open to the idea that perhaps you're not dreaming big enough.

Perhaps you're setting goals based on the limitations you have placed on yourself, and therefore are placing on God.

Perhaps you're setting goals out of the desperation of wanting to leave the current season you're in, and it's preventing you from seeing clearly the big picture of what God wants to do in your life.

Seeking His vision for your year, allows you to have the heart posture to receive His guidance and perhaps do things and take leaps that you would not have otherwise considered because of your focus on your current situation.

Seeking God's vision for your year doesn't mean your dreams get pushed to the side for His will for your life. Sometimes we mistakenly assume that God's vision for our lives and our vision for our lives are opposites. God actually wants you to be happy. He wants the best for you and the desires placed on your heart are not random.

So what does it look like to seek God's vision for you year?

Praying daily for clarity on where He's taking you and what His plans are for you

Asking Him consistently for direction and for His guidance.

Being open to truly receiving His vision and direction.

As you make it a habit to seek God daily in prayer, you will start to notice things being brought to the forefront, things being highlighted, things that you may have already seen and acknowledged as being important that are being confirmed as the path for you to take or things you never thought to further investigate.

When something comes up that you feel is from God, go back to Him and ask Him for confirmation. Constantly pray about it and keep a consistent, open dialogue with God about His desires for your year.

2. Write your goals down

Habakkuk 2:2 reminds us of the power of writing things down:

"Then the LORD replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain."

Your first step when you get a revelation from God is to write it down.

So those dreams on your heart, those goals you have, you have to get into the habit of writing them down.

Think about your goals for this year.

Don't limit yourself babe, dream big.

A lot can happen in 9 months.

And be specific: where do you want to be December 31st, 2022?

Can you get there in 9 months?

I'm not asking you if you think YOU can get there in 9 months, because imposter syndrome or your excuses may answer for you.

I'm asking you can it realistically get done in 9 months.

If yes, why not by you?!

Write it down.

Yes, that thing that you're thinking of right now as you read this, but you're too scared to put on paper.

Write that down.

"Then the LORD replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain." ~Habakkuk 2:2

3. Break up your big goals for the year into smaller goals

When you have a big goal that you want to accomplish, that feels too far from where you are right now, it can be overwhelming and even discouraging to look at your big goal and always think about how you're so far away from achieving it.

Breaking it down in writing and actually seeing the steps needed to get there... makes it real.

You see that it's actually possible and you see your roadmap clearly laid out for you to follow.

It gives you small milestones that you get to celebrate along the way and it makes your goal feel more attainable and less overwhelming.

So those big goals you wrote down?

What needs to happen before you get there?

From where you are right now, what are the things that need to happen so that you can reach the goals that you wrote down.

Fill in the gap from where you are right now to where you want to be December 31st, 2022 with little milestones and to-dos that will get you there.

It's ok if you don't have all the steps yet, some things will come up along the way and you will continue to fill in that gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Once you've written down the steps you need to take, give yourself some deadlines to complete each step by. You can set monthly to-dos and deadlines or quarterly to-dos and deadlines.

This will give you a clear roadmap to follow and let you know what your next steps are.

4. Focus on your next milestone, not the big goal

Now that you've laid it out and you know what your next steps are, focus on the next milestone you need to reach on your roadmap.

Don't focus on the big goal.

Don't focus on how far you have yet to go to reach the entire goal.

Don't focus on anything other than your next steps.

This will keep you focused and motivated as you work towards your goals and make them feel more attainable.

Focusing on your next milestones gives you focused points to keep your eyes on and wins to celebrate along the way.

Now my love, it's up to you to put this in practice and crush those goals!

You have the tools, use them.

And remember to be flexible on the "how" and keep your eyes focused on your end goal.

Life will do what she does best and life along the next 9 months.

If you need to adjust your dates a little bit, re-strategize along the way, give yourself grace and do so.

But stay focused, keep a consistent, open dialogue with God and let Him recenter you and redirect you as needed along the way.

I pray that you found this blog post helpful and if you haven't subscribed yet, make sure you're subscribed so you never miss out when we share a new blog post!


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