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Waiting on God is Not Stagnant

Are you preparing yourself to receive the things that you're praying for?

Sometimes, the reason why the things you're praying for are not coming to pass is because you're not prepared for what God has prepared for you.

Knowing who our God is, how He goes above and beyond when blessing us, knowing what His plans are, be honest with yourself: are you truly ready and in a place right now to receive the things that you're praying for?

For me, the answer was no.

Especially in my entrepreneurship journey.

I kept praying to God for direction and clarity on the next steps to take and felt frustrated and stuck because He wasn't even giving me step 1. But the more I prayed and expressed my frustrations to God, the more clarity I received from Him that I was delaying the process through my stagnancy. He had already given me step 1 but I didn't acknowledge it as being as important as it was and completely disregarded it. This was my first revelation that I wasn't doing the things that I needed to be doing in my life in order to be able to welcome that abundance that I was praying for and knew that God had in store for me.

From that point on, I became more intentional about preparing myself, my space, my mind and my life to receive the blessings I was praying for.


By refusing to be stagnant in my waiting season.

I had received my step 1, and though it didn't feel like much, I showed up everyday and worked on it. And as I did, things started moving in a quick and steady pace I had never experienced before.

I used to describe my entrepreneurship journey as feeling like being on a hamster wheel and this was the first time in 3 years of pursuing my dreams that I felt like I was going forward - steadily, quickly and with God by my side.

I was amazed at how much I had activated by just taking this first itty bitty step that I thought had no significance. And as I kept showing up, working on that one step that God revealed to me, I started getting revelations along the way of the next steps to take.

This was mind-blowing because I realized that the next steps would not have been revealed to me had I not started moving with what I had. I would still have been feeling stuck, praying for directions and asking God why I wasn't receiving the abundance I was praying for. But I now realize, in order to receive that abundance, I had to stop being stagnant as I waited for it. Your attitude in your waiting season is just as important as you waiting on God. I had to get up and work with what God had given me already.

I say all of this to say:

Don't be the reason why your blessings get delayed.
Don't be so self-reliant and try to figure it all out on your own that you miss God's directions to you.

Pray. Seek God for direction, clarity, and the next steps for you to take and He will reveal to you the things that you need to do right now, in this season of your life to start preparing yourself to receive the blessings you're praying for.

I hope this blog post spoke to you and that as you continue to wait, God reveals to you how you can prepare yourself in this season of your life to step into everything that you're praying for.

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