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Valentine's Day Press-On Nails

If you want to try some fun nail designs this Valentine's Day, check out these cute press-on nails from Red Aspen.

A friend of mine recently introduced me to these Press-Ons and I was hesitant at first. I used to buy Press-On Nails in high school and they barely lasted a week and would easily come off when I was doing the bare minimum. When I shared my doubts with my friend, she reassured me that these press-ons had lasted her 17 DAYS!

I was intrigued to say the least and decided to give them a try. While mine didn't make it 17 days, they lasted a whole two weeks, which is how long my manicure at the nail salon lasted. But here is what made me permanently say goodbye to the nail salon and hello to Press-On Nails:

You spend $16 instead of $40 per set

I don't know how much you used to spend to get your nails done, but I would average $40-$50 per visit for my manicure alone. This was starting to eat at my budget, so when I saw an alternative that would allow me to spend less and would last the same amount of time, I was sold.

You get to try out designs at no extra cost

I've always wanted to try pretty designs on my nails, but I was already spending $40-$50 and couldn't imagine spending an additional amount for designs. With these Press-On Nails, I get to try out an endless amount of designs for the same price! If I was still going to the nail salon, I wouldn't have been able to try these cute Valentines' Day Nails, but now I can and so can you!

They last at least 2 weeks

This is the best benefit for me about these press-ons because my concern was that they were going to be a cheap quality that would easily come off. The key to making them last longer for me has been using the Brush On Nail Dash Glue. These are the steps I follow:

  • I add a layer of the nail dash glue to my natural nail

  • I add a layer of the nail dash glue to the back of the press on nails

  • I press the nail down for at least 30 seconds and it's good to go!

There are plenty of designs to choose from

This is not totally different than going to the nail salon because you have plenty of options to choose from there too. However, I love that I get to try different designs for around the same price and I can always switch up my nails. For Valentine's Day for example, they have different designs to choose from, so if you wanted to try a different design than the one I chose, you can choose from one of these:

You can also check out the Valentines Day Nail Collection Here!


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