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Testimony Time: Car Chronicles and How Jesus Saved The Day!

Happy Tuesday loves!

Boy have I got a testimony for you!

So for about a month, my car has been having tire issues and I'd been stressing out about how much it was going to cost to have to fix it.

I've always been told that you need a little car emergency fund for when your car has an issue because when it does, fixing it usually requires a couple hundreds of dollars. This was in fact my experience back in March/April when I had to out of nowhere get a new battery for my car... and it wasn't cheap.

So when the tire issue came up, I knew it needed to be taken care of but I just didn't see where this extra cash was supposed to just miraculously fall out of. I was procrastinating getting it fixed and just prayed every time I took the car to and from work that we made it.

Fast forward to this week, my friend and I made plans that were going to require me to drive 1 hour to and from the place and I just knew that my car couldn't handle that in its current state. I could wing it for the 20 minute drive to and from work but 1 hour... my car wasn't going to make it. So now there was urgency to fix the issue.

I decided to check out this tire place before work and before getting there, I was praying to the God that parted the Red Sea for a miracle you guys! I'm like "Lord, let it be stupid cheap, let it be cheaper than I expect, please Jesus." And when I say stupid cheap, I'm hoping for like $10, $20, $30 max.

So I get there and I explain the issue and the lady is like "Yes, we can help you!"

I brace myself for impact and ask her how much it's going to cost... and she just shakes her head and says... "It's on the house."

When I tell you that was nothing but God!


I had been stressing about this for a month, procrastinating about getting it done and stressing about where the money for it was going to come from and it ended up being FREE you guys.

Oh and those plans that created the urgency in the first place... they got canceled. I strongly believed God worked through my friend to create the urgency needed for me to stop procrastinating and finally put this whole ordeal behind me.

I say all of this to say:

  1. He's the God of exceeding expectations! I was going in there hoping for $10, $20, $30 max and He had other plans. He said it's going to be free my child.

  2. Ask and you shall receive. I used to feel silly for praying to God about things that weren't life or death matters and as I work myself out of that mindset, I'm realizing the power of making your requests known to God.

  3. Leave the How to God. When the issue first came up, I thought the solution was going to be an extra flow of cash for me to use to fix it. God had better plans. So this has taught me to let my requests be known to God and leave the How to Him.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and got something from it! If you aren't subscribed yet, make sure you subscribe so you always know when a new blog post is up.


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