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Getting Closer to God Through Journaling

It all started with me journaling before diving into my Bible Study time to set my intention and invite God into my Bible Study session. My entries would start with:

"Hi Jesus,"
"Good morning Jesus,"
"Good night Jesus,"

And I started noticing how these small ways of acknowledging Him through my journaling time made Him feel so much closer and it just became our thing.

I already knew the many benefits of journaling like:

  • how it helps to ease your mind when you're feeling anxious,

  • the way it allows your thoughts to freely flow when you're feeling overwhelmed,

  • how it helps you gain more clarity when you're confused,

  • how it's a great way to check in with yourself etc...

And yet, I didn't realize how much more impactful journaling could be when we bring God into it and address our journal entries to Him in a conversational way.

Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed, anxious, nervous or even overtly excited about something, journaling has been instrumental for me to process those emotions and navigate periods where I feel like my mind is going 1000 miles per hour.

When I started journaling to God, I noticed that during those moments when I felt too overwhelmed by my thoughts and emotions to speak and where writing was my only outlet to express myself and pause the racing thoughts in my mind, I felt comforted by God's presence with me as I wrote to Him.

This is what inspired the Dear Jesus Journal and I'm so excited to share this journal with you.

As a serial entrepreneur, my goal is always to create from the ashes of my journeys tools and resources to help others, so I pray that this journal is as beneficial to you as it is to me as I continue to nurture my relationship with God. You can get your own copy here!

When journaling to God, I find writing in stream of consciousness form really helpful. When you write in stream of consciousness form, you write whatever comes to your mind, as it comes to your mind, without filtering it. This form of journaling is really beneficial especially if you're someone who struggles with anxiety because as your mind is going 1000 miles per hour and you're trying to let your thoughts flow on paper, you don't have to worry about sentence structure, grammar, or anything other than just writing to God in that moment.

I encourage you to give it a try with your own journal or a piece of paper around you, or even in the notes section on your phone.

Start with:

"Dear Jesus,"
"Hi Jesus,
"What's up Jesus,"

Whatever feels natural to you in that moment and just let your thoughts flow as you journal to Him.

I hope this blog post inspired you to incorporate journaling in your faith journey! If you're not subscribed yet. make sure you subscribe so you never miss a new post on navigating faith, life and entrepreneurship!


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