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October 2022 Journaling Reflections: Journaling Prompts to Check in With God

I don't know about you but it seems as though October literally flew by. This left me in a state of feeling like I barely got to do any of the things that I wanted to do this month. As these feelings started to make me feel like I was behind, I decided to journal my thoughts out to God and surrender them all to Him.

Here are some of the journaling prompts that guided my journaling session:

Tell God what's on your heart today. How are you REALLY doing?

Grab a pen and your journal and just start writing. Too often we filter out our thoughts and feelings but with this prompt, I encourage you to be honest with God about your feelings: the good, the bad, and the meh... all of them.

What were some of your wins this month?

We get so focused on what's going wrong, or not happening in our lives that we don't take enough time to appreciate the wins when they do happen. With this prompt, I encourage you to reflect on this month and recall any wins that happened - no matter how small - and thank God for them.

What were some of your losses this month?

Think about anything that you wished had gone differently, any roadblocks you faced, any unexpected curveball that got thrown at you this month. Write them all down and surrender them to God. Be honest with Him about your feelings around these losses and ask for His guidance in moving on, enduring through, or overcoming them. If you're not sure what you're called to do about these losses, ask Him for clarity in that area.

If you had to give your October a theme what would it be? Why did you choose that theme?

This prompt will help you get more clarity on the overall season you're currently in right now. Pay attention to the theme you picked and your reasoning for picking it. Ask God for clarity on the season He has you in right now and what He wants you to focus on.

What are your hopes for November?

Give yourself permission to dream here, freely and openly. Don't limit yourself based on what you think is possible. Share your hopes and dreams with God and ask Him to grant you favor for the month of November.

I pray these journaling prompts are as helpful to you as they were to me.

Rooting for you always,



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